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Pre-Application Lottery Pool FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the application process been changed to a lottery?
To give everyone an equal opportunity to apply.  There is no need to create long lines at our offices when any computer, smart phone or tablet can be used to apply for the lottery.
Why is MBHA requiring a pre-application?
MBHA changed to a pre-application to simplify the process.
Can I pick up a pre-application at MBHA?
No, all applications will be submitted on line ONLY.
What if I don't have a computer smart phone, or tablet?
Click here to see a list of agencies that might be able to assist you.  These include all Horry County libraries, Goodwill Job Link Centers, Salvation Army… and a lot more.
How do I get from the lottery pool to the HCV Waiting List?
Once the lottery pool is closed, MBHA will take all of the pre-applications and randomly select by computer, 1,000 pre-applications for the pre-application waiting list.  When vouchers become available, MBHA will randomly draw from the pre-application waiting list to be called in and placed on the HCV waiting list.
If my pre-application is chosen for the pre-application waiting list does that mean I am qualified for HCV?
No.  Eligibility will be determined when the applicant is called in to be placed on the HCV waiting list.
Do I have to live in Horry County to apply?
Does it cost anything to get on the Housing Choice Voucher program?
Absolutely not, there is no fee to apply – applicants should not be scammed by people who say they can apply for a fee!
How do I know  my pre-application went through?
Once a person submits a pre-application for the lottery, they will immediately receive confirmation that their pre-application has been received.
How do I know if I have been selected from the Lottery Pool?
If a person/family is selected to be on the pre-application waiting list, they will be notified by letter or email from the Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach.
I have a disabled family member, does that still give me a priority?
Yes, but only after a pre-application has been selected from the Lottery Pool.