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Owner & Landlord FAQs

Landlord FAQs

I am a property owner/management company. Who do I call if I did not receive my HAP payment?

If you have not received your HAP payment by the 3rd business day or 6th calendar day from the ACH transmission (Direct Deposit), please e-mail Fax (843-918-1538), or call (843-918-1534).

I am a property owner/management company. I just spoke with Myrtle Beach Housing Authority and was informed that my HAP payment was held due to missing/ omitted information or failed inspection; I have since forwarded those documents or corrected the problem and/or had had the unit re-inspected; how soon can I expect payment?

MBHA strives to process payments on a weekly basis. ACH deposits are made on Monday’s, Tuesday if it is a National holiday. Requests received by accounting after cut off may not be processed until the following week.

What do I need to submit if I am a landlord whose property will be managed by an agent? Or I am the landlord and I want to change my management company or change my address, what should I do to update my information?
If you are acting as a representative of a landlord, you need to submit:

A copy of the management agreement (The agreement must include information on who is authorized to sign leases, who is authorized to accept rent payments, and the name of the party rent checks will be made payable to, etc.);

W-9 (TIN or SSN provided must match the name that will be shown on your income tax return); and Direct Deposit Authorization (are mandatory for all HCV payments) along with a voided check.

All of the documents needed to update this information can be obtained Forms & Downloads of our agency’s website.

If you want to change your management company/agent the same steps apply; but you must also submit a written notice describing what changes will be made including whether or not the payments should be held until the bank account information needs to be changed (in the case of your payments being posted into the agents/ management company account).
I am a property owner and I want to request a Rental Increase.

All requests must be submitted on the Housing form which is available on the Forms link of the website. Requests for a rent increase must be submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to the tenant’s lease expiration date. The completed form should be submitted to or faxed to our office.

I am a property owner and my tenant did not pay their portion of the monthly rent.

A voucher participant is no different from any other tenant that has signed a lease. Your current lease should have provisions clearly identified which identify the circumstances for late fees and grounds for eviction. Follow your lease and let the housing authority know as well. Should you have to file for eviction let the housing authority know right away. Once the eviction is granted send a copy to the housing authority. The housing authority is not responsible for the tenant’s portion of rent or for damages caused by the tenant. The HAP contract that the property owner and housing authority sign governs this scenario.