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Housing Choice Voucher Program

What is the Housing Choice Voucher Program?

Here is what HUD’s website has to say:   HUD Housing Choice Vouchers Fact Sheet   The condensed version is a participant enters the program through a waiting list offered at a housing authority, is issued a voucher, selects a property of their choice, and then complies with all applicable regulations.  The voucher program is an income based program.

How long can I participate in the program?
Currently there is not a time limit.  However, the participant must remain in compliance with all Federal Regulations and Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach Policies and Procedures governing the program.  A tenant can be terminated from the program for not adhering to these governing practices.
How does a person apply to receive a voucher?

You can see the details of the Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach’s waiting list status on the front page of our website.  We will post further information there when the waiting list opens.

I have received my voucher…what now?
You should start searching for your new home.  You choose your own property.  Just be sure that the new property owner is going to participate in the Voucher program.  Property owners do not have to participate in the program – it is their choice.

Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach jurisdiction is from the North Carolina State line to the Georgetown County line, from Highway 905 at the North Carolina State line to the corporate service limits of Conway, from Highway 501 to Singleton Ridge Road, to Highway 544 to Gravely Gully Creek, then straight line to the Waccamaw River to the Georgetown County Line.

The property you select must be within the operating area.  If your property is outside of the operating area you may be ported to the housing authority, if eligible, that operates in that area.

Present the RFTA (Request for Tenancy Addendum) packet of information you were provided in the briefing to the property owner.  The owner will complete their part of the packet.  The packet needs to be filled out completely, including the subsidy question.  If there is no subsidy linked to the property, the landlord should write “none.”  Once the packet is completed bring it to the office along with a Sample Lease.  A Sample Lease is an unsigned copy of the lease to be executed between you and the property owner.  We recommend that you do not mail the packet as it could be lost in the mail.  We do not accept faxed copies of the packet.  We must have the original in our office.    If you will bring the packet to the office in person we will review the packet and then verify that the proposed rent requested is affordable according to the HUD requirements of the Voucher program.  As long as the unit is affordable we will let you know as soon as possible.  If the unit is not affordable we will also let you know.  The next step is inspecting the unit.
What if I want to move outside of MBHA's jurisdiction?

An eligible family that has been issued a housing choice voucher may use that voucher to lease a unit anywhere in the United States where there is a housing agency operating a housing choice voucher program. This feature of the program is referred to as portability. The ability to port out may depend on whether the receiving housing authority is absorbing or billing.